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Omega-3 fats don’t reduce diabetes risk or improve blood sugar control.

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Although eating foods wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the chance of heart attack, it doesn’t appear to scale back the chance of developing diabetes, in line with a study published Aug. 24. BMJ. Encouraged by past findings that the sort of healthy fat can reduce the chance of diabetes and improve blood sugar (glucose) control, researchers decided to look into the difficulty further. They reviewed 83 randomized trials involving greater than 120,000 people, each with and without diabetes. Each trial lasted six months or more. These trials checked out whether omega-3 fats (from fish or plants), omega-6 fats (corresponding to those in soybean or corn oil), or total polyunsaturated fats reduced the chance of lowering or raising blood glucose. can assist reduce Diabetes They found that increasing the quantity of omega-3, omega-6, or total polyunsaturated fats within the eating regimen had no effect on glucose metabolism or the chance of diabetes over a mean study period of about three years. It doesn't matter whether the additional healthy fats got here from supplements, fortified foods, or foods that were naturally wealthy in those fats.

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