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Want higher sleep? Aim for a minimum of an hour of exercise each week.

Regular exercise promotes higher sleep quality and reduces the danger of insomnia. But how much exercise is required to reap the advantages of sleep? A study published online March 26, 2024 BMJ Open The answer suggests. Researchers analyzed sleep questionnaire responses from nearly 4,400 people (ages 39 to 67) in Europe. Participants reported on their overall health and various facets of their physical activity and sleep habits (including how long they typically slept each night and their insomnia symptoms comparable to difficulty falling asleep, night terrors). time awake, or daytime sleep). Responses were collected at two points 10 years apart. Those who said they exercised a minimum of twice every week (a minimum of one hour every week) for your complete 10 years were significantly less more likely to report sleep problems than those that said They were either inactive or less energetic. study period. The study is observational and can’t definitively prove that exercising an hour or more every week will improve sleep. But we all know that any amount of exercise has health advantages. This study provides an extra incentive to be more energetic.

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