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Another advantage of drinking green tea or coffee

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Drinking coffee or green tea is related to many health advantages, similar to improved heart health, lower inflammation levels, and a reduced risk of chronic disease. Now, a study published online on October 20, 2020 BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care This suggests that tea and occasional consumption can also be related to a reduced risk of early death in diabetic patients. Researchers examined the health and self-reported lifestyle habits — including food regimen — of nearly 5,000 people in Japan over five years. Compared with those that didn’t drink coffee or green tea, those that drank probably the most had a significantly lower risk of premature death from any cause: for individuals who drank two cups of coffee or 4 cups of tea per day; They drink about 40 percent less. ; and 63% less for individuals who drank 4 cups of tea plus two cups of coffee per day. The study is observational only and doesn’t prove that drinks keep people living longer. But we do know that coffee and tea contain powerful plant compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which might be good for health.

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