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Ask the doctor: Sleep deprivation and heart risk?

Question I even have all the time had an issue with snoring and recently at my wife's insistence I got a sleep test done. I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea We've read concerning the link between sleep deprivation and heart disease, and now we're each frightened. Will treating my sleep apnea reduce my heart risk??

Oh Sleep apnea is a nocturnal respiratory pattern characterised by interrupted breaths and explosive snoring. There is little query that it’s related to each hypertension (hypertension) and coronary disease. But does lack of sleep cause heart disease? Or is the association attributable to common risk aspects, similar to obesity, that contribute to the event of each sleep deprivation and heart conditions? In other words, we don't know if sleep deprivation is the reason for heart disease, or an innocent bystander. Maybe it's each. Obstructive sleep apnea, probably the most common type of the condition wherein the tongue or throat tissue blocks the airway, causes a surge of adrenaline in periods when respiratory is interrupted. It is extremely likely that these additions result in hypertension and stress on the cardiovascular system. People with obstructive sleep apnea even have an increased risk of stroke and heart failure.

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