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COVID-19 hospitalizations declining, CDC reports

October 2, 2023 – Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have declined after about two months of increases, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, although the variety of COVID-related deaths continues to rise.

For the week of September 23, COVID hospitalizations decreased 3.1% in comparison with the previous week. Overall, twelve states reported significant increases in hospitalizations (20% or more), while eight states reported moderate increases (10% to 19.9%).

According to the CDC, COVID-related deaths accounted for two.7% of all deaths within the week ending Sept. 23. That's an 8% increase from the previous week, but experts say deaths are sometimes a lagging indicator.

In total, greater than 1.1 million COVID-related deaths have been reported within the United States for the reason that start of the pandemic.

Other COVID metrics have also declined, the CDC reported.

Emergency room visits with a COVID diagnosis decreased 11.7% for the week of Sept. 23 in comparison with the previous week. Positive COVID test results fell 1.1%.

Reports of COVID present in wastewater are also declining, it is claimed Biodot Wastewater tracking network.

The CDC also reported this Variant projections. The EG.5 variant now accounts for about 29.4% of sequenced cases within the United States, and FL.1.5.1 accounts for about 13.7%. HV.1 accounts for 12.9%, a rise of about 8% in two weeks.