"The groundwork of all happiness is health." - Leigh Hunt

Creating easy habits for healthy weight reduction

Lasting, healthy weight reduction requires that you simply change your eating and exercise habits. But many other selections you make each day, corresponding to how long you sleep or surf the Internet, may also make a difference.

Set small, specific and realistic goals.

Maybe you wish to be the identical size you were in highschool or whenever you got married, but that may mean losing greater than 50 kilos. Don't go there – not yet, no less than. Set a more realistic goal of losing 5% to 10% of your body weight, and provides yourself loads of time and a few flexibility to achieve that goal, keeping in mind that the majority people will lose that much. It takes no less than six months to attain a healthy weight reduction. Also attempt to avoid general goals, corresponding to “I need to eat less at dinner and exercise more.” Instead, set specific and short-term (ie, day by day or weekly) goals, corresponding to:

  • I'll select just a few dinner recipes and shop for ingredients on Sunday.
  • I’ll bring a healthy lunch from home as a substitute of going out no less than thrice next week.
  • I’ll invite a friend for a walk after work on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • I might minimize exposure to the issue food (“stimulus control”) to avoid temptation, corresponding to keeping cookies out of sight within the kitchen.

Eat breakfast slowly. – And from the mind – every morning

Many people skip breakfast because they’re in a rush or are usually not hungry. Try to rise up quarter-hour earlier to find time for breakfast (which implies going to bed earlier so that you don't lose sleep). Practice eating slowly by putting your plate down or sipping water, coffee or tea between bites. Ideally, it is best to spend no less than 20 minutes on each meal, but it surely could also be more realistic to have your lunch or dinner. Choose one to start. Set a timer to envision yourself.

From these habits or others within the Special Health Report, select one which works best for you, and check out to keep on with it for every week. It is vital to make these healthy habits a routine. Once you end up doing one consistently enough, add one other. Over time you’ll realize that a lot of these habits may be interconnected.

Photo: Martina/Getty Images