"The groundwork of all happiness is health." - Leigh Hunt

Don't you say? Pointing finger (nail) at your health

Healthy nails are smooth, uniform in shape and sometimes have a slight crescent shape under the nail near the cuticle. Still some conditions can show their mark in your nails. For example:

lung disease. Lung cancer, extensive scarring of the lung (pulmonary fibrosis) and cystic fibrosis are sometimes related to nail “clubbing.” Here, the nails tackle a raised, rounded shape like a club. However, healthy people may have clubbing, because it runs in families.

Psoriasis. Small nail marks (called pits) and thickening of the nails are common in individuals with psoriasis. In fact, these nail changes stands out as the first or only symptom of the condition.

Endocarditis (infection of the guts valves). Fever, chills, chills, and rash are common symptoms. However, multiple red streaks under the nails — called splinter hemorrhages — may suggest endocarditis.

Almost any serious disease can affect the expansion and appearance of nails. Sometimes you may tell if someone was sick several months ago by horizontal ridges or indentations within the nails, called biolines. These streaks can occur after any severe illness, including those related to high fever or severe malnutrition.

The closer the cuticle lines, the newer the disease. A line near the underside normally indicates an illness of a month or earlier. A thread near the tip of the finger suggests that this happened 5 – 6 months ago – which can also be concerning the time it takes the typical nail to switch itself.

Photo: © JazzIRT/Getty Images