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Eating more olive oil increases longevity.

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According to an observational study, consuming a small amount of olive oil every day may show you how to live longer.

The researchers checked out the health data of about 90,000 people over a period of about 30 years. Participants were freed from heart disease and cancer and accomplished dietary questionnaires every 4 years. They were asked how often, on average, they ate certain foods, including sorts of fats and oils.

The results showed that individuals who consumed greater than ½ tablespoon of olive oil every day (greater than 7 grams) had a 19 percent lower risk of death from any cause than those that never consumed olive oil. The oil was not eaten. Looking at specific conditions, the researchers found that the olive oil group had a 19 percent lower risk of heart disease, a 17 percent lower risk of dying from cancer, and a 29 percent lower risk of dying from a neurological disease like Alzheimer's.

The researchers suggest that substituting olive oil for unhealthy fats can have a more significant effect. They estimated that replacing 10 grams of fats reminiscent of margarine, butter and mayonnaise per day with the identical amount of olive oil could reduce the general risk of death and disease by 34%. The study was published online on January 12, 2022. Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

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