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Lack of sleep could cause dehydration.

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Adults who sleep just six hours per night usually tend to be dehydrated than those that sleep longer, based on recent research published online within the journal Nov. 5, 2018. to sleep. The findings suggest that a number of the symptoms of insufficient sleep, corresponding to fatigue, fuzzy considering and morning headaches, could also be on account of dehydration.

Researchers checked out the chance of dehydration in nearly 20,000 American and Chinese adults. In each populations, those that reported sleeping six or fewer hours had a better risk of dehydration than those that slept seven to eight hours consistently. The researchers hypothesized that this finding may reflect the nocturnal rhythm of a hormone called vasopressin. During sleep, the pituitary gland within the brain uses vasopressin to signal the kidneys to retain fluid within the body as an alternative of excreting it through urine.

Normally, the pituitary gland releases more vasopressin later within the sleep cycle, so if an individual wakes up early, less of the hormone reaches the kidneys to conserve water. The best natural treatment is to get more sleep. But should you can't do this, drink a minimum of one glass of water whenever you first get up.