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Men over 40 with a faulty BRCA2 gene needs to be tested annually for prostate cancer.

Scientists on the Institute of Cancer Research in London have demanded. Annual blood tests To detect aggressive prostate cancer in men with defects within the BRCA2 gene. After investigating the test's effectiveness, Ros Eeles, who led the study, said: “Our research shows very clearly that men with BRCA2 gene mutations have an increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer and that regular PSA testing can lead to early diagnosis and treatment.”

gave The PSA test It is completed using a small amount of blood to detect elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Nevertheless, despite its relatively low price and ease of administration, it isn’t offered for routine screening in lots of countries. Including the UK. This is because a big proportion of those that test positive don’t have any disease (a false-positive result), a slow-growing cancer that doesn’t require treatment, or a positive result attributable to a comparatively mild condition, e.g. Urinary tract infection.

Early detection of prostate cancer is significant and saves lives. But a lot of those identified by the PSA test as having elevated levels of the antigen may undergo painful treatments with potentially life-changing negative effects that were unnecessary. Also, until About 15% of men with prostate cancer have normal PSA levels. (a false-negative result), meaning that many men will receive unnecessary reassurance from the test.

Guidelines in most countries, due to this fact, note that The potential benefits of testing far outweigh the potential harms. Over-diagnosing and over-treating, it isn’t suitable for screening everyone.

The faulty BRCA2 gene

However, men with defects within the BRCA2 gene Five times more likely Prostate cancer and early diagnosis. More worryingly, this can be a high-risk group. Twice as likely to be serious.A potentially fatal, type of prostate cancer.

Defects within the BRCA2 gene are more commonly related to breast cancer, hence the name (breast cancer). Genes were originally identified by families. The group that showed higher than normal levels of breast cancer.. This includes people of Icelandic, Scottish, Northern Irish, Quebecois and Ashkenazi Jewish descent, where specific mutations within the BRCA2 gene are found.

In each these families and groups, the researchers also identified higher than normal levels. Male breast cancer (Yes, men can get breast cancer too), prostate, pancreatic and other cancers.

I became involved in BRCA2 research shortly after its discovery in 1994. The discovery of this gene was a serious breakthrough within the fight against cancer and we got here up with a wide selection of possible ways during which mutations within the gene could lead on to cancer.

Years of painstaking research have shown that genes play a crucial role in repairing breaks in our DNA. When this process doesn’t occur properly, attributable to problems within the gene, the result’s the formation of mutations. The remaining DNA can then undergo cancer-causing changes, and because of this screening for early symptoms, including a PSA test, becomes more necessary.

BRCA gene mutation defined.

Who should seek the advice of about genetic testing?

Although certain groups usually tend to carry certain defects of their DNA, any family can carry dangerous mutations in BRCA2 from generation to generation. So if several members of your loved ones have had a history of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and particularly male breast cancer, it could be price talking to your doctor. It can then be sent to you to maintain. A DNA test was done for gene defects..

In people at identified risk, a variety of options can be found. Not all mutations in BRCA2 carry the identical risk and carriers should weigh the risks against the invasiveness of any preventive measures. In some cases, increased vigilance and more regular checks, comparable to PSA tests, could also be sufficient.

Sometimes much more extreme precautions are taken. For example, actress Angelina Jolie, after discovering that a defect in her BRCA1 gene (one other major gene involved in cancer) put her at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer. She then opted to have a double mastectomy and removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Her mother had breast cancer and each her mother and grandmother Died of ovarian cancer.

There is a PSA test. Not reliable enough to be used as a general screening method. for prostate cancer. But in men with BRCA2 disorders, it appears to play a crucial role and annual use needs to be considered for these men. There can be a must discover individuals who carry this faulty gene. At the identical time, finding higher ways to screen for prostate cancer is a goal of many researchers.