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Moderate coffee consumption reduces the danger of tension and depression

September 15, 2023 – People who drink two to 3 cups of coffee a day are least more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression, in comparison with individuals who drink kind of of the favored beverage.

Previous studies have suggested quite a lot of health advantages from moderate coffee consumption, similar to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, chronic liver disease, stroke and cancer, the study authors noted. They wanted to search out out if there was a link between coffee consumption and depression or anxiety, since these mental illnesses are so common.

About 5% of adults within the United States experience depression frequently, and nearly 13% experience worry, nervousness, or anxiety frequently. CDC.

People who drank fewer than two to 3 cups of coffee per day had a lower risk of depression and anxiety. However, the danger was lowest in individuals who drank two to 3 cups per day. For each cup over three per day, the danger of each mental disorders increased.

The Results were published last month within the magazine Psychiatric research.

The researchers analyzed data from 146,566 people within the United Kingdom who answered questions on their mental health and low drinking habits between 2006 and 2010.

In 2016, participants answered questions from two mental health questionnaires commonly used to diagnose anxiety and depression. The questionnaires are often known as PHQ-9 and that GAD-7Questions include, for instance, how often an individual within the last two weeks:

  • Do you suffer from not having the ability to control your worries?
  • Do you’re feeling guilty or like you’re a failure or have let yourself or your loved ones down?
  • Did you’ve gotten little interest or joy in doing things?

About 81% of the participants were coffee drinkers, and essentially the most commonly reported each day coffee consumption was two to 3 cups. The average age of the study participants was 56 years and almost 57% were women.

“Our results support the recommendation that moderate coffee consumption can be part of a healthy lifestyle to prevent and manage depression and anxiety in the general population,” the authors concluded.

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