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Muscle pain from exercise? Protein drinks offer a bit help.

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Consuming a protein drink after exercise is usually considered the very best technique to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery. However, this will not be the case, suggests a study published online on August 21, 2019. Human dynamics.

The researchers found that high-protein drinks didn’t increase the speed of muscle recovery after resistance training in comparison with carbohydrate-only drinks. They recruited 30 men who had not less than one yr of resistance training experience. The men performed a hard and fast exercise session followed by either a whey protein hydrolysate-based drink, a milk-based drink – each containing 32 grams of protein – or a carbohydrate-only drink. (All drinks had the identical amount of calories.)

The men rested for twenty-four to 48 hours after which rated their muscle soreness. They also performed strength and power tests to measure their muscle function. Both protein and carb drinkers reported similar levels of muscle soreness and showed similar recovery of muscle strength.

This doesn’t mean that nutrition shouldn’t be essential for exercise recovery. Adding healthy protein and complicated carbohydrates to your entire workout-day meals can assist greater than a wide range of post-workout drinks, the researchers noted.

Photo: Belchonik/Getty Images