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Strenuous exercise intensity may not increase your longevity.

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Good news should you take a more relaxed approach to your workouts: A recent study found that, on average, individuals who exercise more vigorously don't live longer than individuals who exercise more moderately. Researchers studied a gaggle of individuals in Norway who participated in five years of supervised exercise training. Participants included 790 women and 777 men (with a mean age of 73 years), who were divided into three groups. Everyone followed federal recommendations to get half-hour of moderate exercise most days of the week. But as well as, one group received two supervised weekly sessions of high-intensity interval training. A second group included two supervised moderate-intensity continuous training exercises per week. All three groups continued their assigned exercise for five years.

At the top of the trial, 4.6 percent of the participants had died, but there was no significant difference in mortality between the group that followed the federal exercise recommendations for moderate exercise and the 2 groups that exercised more vigorously. . In addition, all groups had similar levels of death from heart disease and cancer. However, this shouldn’t be to say that participating in regular high-intensity exercise was not related to any advantages. Participants who did vigorous exercise had higher results on some measures of mental health and physical fitness.

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