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Studies show that these shoes are higher at controlling knee pain.

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When your knees hurt, you wish it to go away so you possibly can walk without limping or creaking with every step. and a smaller, randomized trial published online on January 12, 2021 History of Internal Medicine Turns out one kind of shoe might be perfect for work. Researchers took 164 people age 50 or older with moderate or severe knee arthritis and randomly assigned half of the group to wear stable, supportive shoes with thick soles that didn't bend an excessive amount of. The other half were assigned flat shoes with thin, flexible soles, which some imagine provide a bonus by allowing natural leg and foot movement. Both groups wore their prescribed shoes for six hours a day and took part in activities corresponding to walking during that point. After six months, 58% of individuals within the stable, supportive shoe group reported a discount in knee pain while walking, in comparison with 40% after wearing flat, flexible shoes. In each groups, pain reduction was probably a advantage of regular walking. Those who wore flexible shoes were also twice as more likely to have ankle or foot pain, in comparison with those that wore firm shoes. So in case your knees hurt, keep walking in sturdy shoes.

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