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What is the difference between age spots and sun spots?

I even have some brown spots on the skin that appear to be age spots. But my friend says it may very well be sun spots, which might turn into skin cancer. How can I tell the difference?

Oh That's a vital query, because distinguishing sun spots from age spots — or “liver” spots, as our grandmothers called them — may help us determine when to see a health care provider. . Both spots appear on areas that get a number of sun exposure, akin to the face, hands, arms, and shoulders.

Age spots range in color from pink to tan brown. They are larger than freckles and typically oval in shape. They are sometimes present in clusters. Age spots may be unsightly, but they’re harmless.

Sun spots, medically referred to as actinic keratoses, are available in quite a lot of colours. The biggest difference between harmless age spots and sun spots (actinic keratoses) is texture. Age spots are smooth and flat, but potentially dangerous actinic keratoses often feel rough and rough. Actinic keratoses can turn into skin cancer, so it's necessary to point out such spots to your doctor. And in the event you suspect any skin changes, it's sensible to get them identified as well.

Photo: © Cristina Pedrazzini/Science Photo Library/Getty Images