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What is the PanaNatra line of pain relievers and might herbal products effectively relieve pain?

In an era where Chronic pain affects millions of people worldwide.The seek for effective and secure pain relief has never been greater.

Panna Natra is a line of herbal products from Hellion, the makers of Panadol. Hellion Claims Pannatra's three products, produced from plant extracts, help manage and supply relief from mild joint pain, mild muscle pain, and mild pain that affects sleep.

They contain 4 different mixtures of plants:

  • (included in joint and muscle products)

  • (in joint and muscle products)

  • (only in joint products)

  • (only in sleep products).

These products are “Listed drugs“In Australia. This signifies that the ingredients are widely considered to be low risk, utilized in traditional medicine, and manufactured to a high standard. But the manufacturer has not provided evidence to the federal government regulator that They work.

So can herbal ingredients effectively and safely relieve various forms of pain?

What does the evidence say?

Let us consider the 4 essential components of evidence.

Indian frankincense () has been described in traditional Indian Ayurvedic texts because the 1st century AD. The key energetic compounds are said to be derived from tree gum resin. Boswellic acid It is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects.

It can also be often called Indian Frankincense.

A dry concentrate extract utilized in muscle pain products (Rhuleave K) comprises 50 mg of the herb per tablet, while an arthritis product comprises 33.3 mg as a distinct formulation (Apresflex). .

A review of assorted human clinical trials using formulations of this herb supports its potential To reduce some forms of pain and improve function in osteoarthritis. But a vital conclusion of the study was that the development began only when it was used constantly for 4 weeks and at a dose of not less than 100-250 mg per day.

In a ___ Clinical trial100 mg every day of a gum-based product was found to scale back pain and improve physical function in individuals with osteoarthritis.

Turmeric () has been utilized in Chinese and Indian medicine for not less than 2,000 years. It comprises a widely known chemical called curcumin, a natural compound used for its anti-inflammatory properties, especially Osteoarthritis.

Turmeric root (turmeric longa)
Also often called turmeric.

Turmeric has compounds corresponding to curcumin. Often together with compounds to enhance their anti-inflammatory effects to scale back pain.

Oh A review of 16 different clinical trials Turmeric extracts were found to be effective for knee osteoarthritis.

An analogous conclusion was drawn from one. Review of 11 clinical trials which evaluated using curcuminoids (of which curcumin is one) for one to 4 months. He found that curcuminoids have pain-relieving properties just like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Black pepper () comprises chemicals. Piperinewhich has anti-inflammatory properties.

Piper nigrum (black pepper)
Also called black pepper.

Curcumin is usually added to curcumin products to enhance its absorption, as is the case with PanaNatra arthritis products.

For muscle pain, a Early human trials who examined the consequences of a 1,000 mg every day dose of Rhuleave K (the extract utilized in PanaNatra) found it to be as effective as paracetamol.

But the study was not placebo-controlled and the dose of paracetamol (1,000 mg/day) was lower than the advisable every day dose for pain relief.

(also often called Ashwagandha) has been utilized in Traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine For hundreds of years to scale back stress and reduce inflammation.

Vithania somnifera plant, commonly known as Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry)
Ashwagandha, or, is typically called winter cherry.

appears to be considered one of the important thing chemicals. withaferin A which interferes with the inflammatory signaling pathway.

PanaNatra's pain and sleep products contain 300 mg of an extract called KSM66 per tablet.

Oh Human trials A every day dose of 600 mg of the extract was found to enhance sleep quality and help manage insomnia.

In a separate casewas found to enhance sleep quality, when given at a every day dose of 600 mg.

So what does this mean?

Whether, and the way well, an herbal medicine works depends largely on the formulation (the way it is made and the extract used) and the dose provided. The same herb utilized in one formulation can have different results than a distinct formulation containing the identical herb.

It can also be essential to notice that effectiveness for one form of pain doesn’t mean that a product will work for one more form of pain.

Overall, there’s some evidence that herbal extracts in piña natra products work for pain and sleep. Whether they be just right for you will rely upon several aspects, including the effectiveness of the PanaNatra formulation, how much you’re taking, and the extent of your pain.

Are they secure?

PanaNatra must be used with caution in some patients.

Overall, there are insufficient human data to recommend any of those herbal ingredients in pregnancy or lactation. In fact, there’s some evidence that turmeric and its compounds could also be unsafe to eat while pregnant, and beyond the amounts normally present in food. Not considered safe Also use in pregnancy.

Herbs may also affect the effectiveness and safety of other medications. For example, blood levels of a cancer drug Tamoxifen may be tapered When taken together with turmeric supplements.

Associated with drowsiness and Liver toxicity.

Products, including formulations containing curcumin and piperine, have also been related to liver toxicity. Thus, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration recommends Adding a warning label For any product containing these ingredients. But the controversy is ongoing and no decision will probably be made until next 12 months.

The bottom line

Although PanaNatra products have an extended history of traditional use of herbs, there is restricted high-quality scientific evidence for the effectiveness and safety of those specific products.

Pregnant and lactating women shouldn’t take these products, and you need to not exceed the every day dose advisable by the manufacturer.

If you’ve an underlying health condition, or are taking other medications, check together with your doctor or pharmacist if these products are best for you before trying them.