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Why am I gaining weight?

Ask the doctor.

Question I actually have gained 10 kilos this yr. I'm 52, healthy, and eating the identical food I've at all times eaten. Why am I gaining weight now?

Oh Many patients come to me with the identical problem. In addition to food intake, there are lots of aspects that affect one's weight, including lifestyle, physical activity levels, medications, and changes in medical conditions. For most individuals, some aspects change over time even when their weight loss program doesn’t. For example, some people develop into less physically energetic as they age, either resulting from age-related fatigue or physical limitations. Some medications also can cause weight gain.

Although people can gain weight at any age, weight gain may be very common right after menopause. Hormonal changes also can alter fat distribution, especially in early postmenopause, leading to excess accumulation of abdominal fat. However, there are lots of ways to combat weight gain and fat redistribution. For example, aerobic exercise and resistance training can enable you to maintain a healthy weight by increasing metabolism, constructing bone and muscle mass, and reducing body fat. Simple changes to your weight loss program similar to replacing fruit juice with whole fruit, soda with water, or white rice with brown rice or quinoa are start. You also can take a while to think about other ways to enhance your every day routine to reduce weight and maximize your health. Midlife is the proper time to take stock and map out the road ahead!

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