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Why do fingers get wrinkly after bathing or swimming for a very long time? A biomedical engineer explains.

Why do fingers and toes turn into wrinkled and discolored after swimming or swimming? – Raymond Y., age 12, Bothell, Washington

The skin is a scary and strange organ. As the body's largest organ, it does so much to care for you, protecting you from the skin world of sunlight, harsh chemicals, nasty germs and extreme cold. And it does all this by keeping your body hydrated and activating your sense of touch.

I am a biomedical engineer.. My research team and I Try to higher understand the mechanics and performance of sentimental biological tissues.

We know skin wrinkles as you age or once you pinch it between two fingers. But it's been somewhat of a mystery why the skin gets wrinkled and sometimes discolored after you are taking a leisurely bath or spend an excessive amount of time within the swimming pool.

Most people assume that these wrinkles form since the skin absorbs water, causing it to swell and stick. To be honest, I did too for a very long time.

But within the Thirties, researchers discovered that folks with nerve damage of their fingers, Wrinkles do not form after bathing.. Wrinkled fingers can't just be on account of water absorption, or be a universal phenomenon, irrespective of how healthy or dysfunctional your nerves are.

So, if it's not swelling attributable to the water, what's behind the cut fingers and toes after a protracted swim? Scientists recently discovered what they think is the reply.

A nerve signal to constrict blood vessels

To explain what's occurring, you first have to know somewhat about it. Autonomic Nervous System – A non-essential a part of how your body works. Actions like respiration, blinking, your heart pumping or your pupils closing within the sun occur without you needing conscious control due to the autonomic nervous system.

It also routinely controls the dilation and constriction of your blood vessels. In general, temperature, medications or what you eat or drink may cause your blood vessels to dilate or constrict. Think about how your skin can glow by itself once you exit on a hot day, exercise or blush.

This constriction of your blood vessels also causes the skin to wrinkle after a protracted swim.

When your hands and feet come into contact with water for greater than a number of minutes, the sweat ducts in your skin open, allowing water to flow into the skin tissues. This excess water lowers the salt concentration inside the skin. Nerve fibers send messages to your brain about low salt levels, and the autonomic nervous system responds by constricting blood vessels.

Artist's rendering of a cross-section of skin, showing the network of blood vessels beneath the surface.
When the tiny blood vessels inside the skin constrict, they pull down the surface of the skin, creating the wrinkles you see after a protracted bath.
Shubhangi Ganesh Rao Kenny/Science Photo Library via Getty Images

Due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, the general volume of the skin decreases, causing the skin to fall into these characteristic wrinkle patterns. This is how a dried grape becomes a wrinkled raisin – it has lost more volume than surface area.

This constriction of the blood vessels also causes the skin to show pale – that is the alternative of when your skin turns red once you get in a extremely hot bath, on account of dilation of your blood vessels. The color change is somewhat more pronounced in light-skinned people.

With nerve damage, this narrowing doesn’t occur. Blood vessels never get the message to constrict, so wrinkles never appear even in case you stay within the shower for a very long time.

Barefoot walking on mossy stones in the stream.
Wrinkled wet fingers will be useful in slippery environments.
Westend61 via Getty Images

Benefit of wrinkled fingers or toes

But is there a purpose to wet skin with wrinkles?

Researchers have found that wrinkled skin Added underwater grip Compared to non-wrinkled skin. A greater grip permits you to hold objects more firmly. This makes it easier to walk on underwater surfaces, reducing the possibilities of slipping. I feel this is a superb feature that has evolved over time.

My research team and I actually have studied changes in skin structure and performance with prolonged water immersion, but not to check wrinkles. We are fascinated with skin analyzes that will be done to help forensic investigators after a criminal offense or disaster. We want too. Learn more about immersion foot syndrome. – Skin injuries on account of prolonged exposure to wet conditions. They affect military personnel, or farmers whose crops grow in flooded fields, equivalent to rice paddies.

Prolonged submersion in water increases the likelihood of skin breakdown, but this weakening can take weeks to occur. Just don't stay too long within the swimming pool and your cut digits will return to normal after you dry off.