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Melanoma – Early detection and treatment are necessary

Although it accounts for lower than 5% of all skin cancer cases, melanoma is answerable for the vast majority of skin cancer deaths. This type of cancer begins in melanocytes, cells deep within the epidermis, or moles on the surface of the skin that produce pigment.

Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to stop this cancer from spreading throughout the body.

Melanoma has several distinguishing features that experts call the ABCDEs. A mole or growth is taken into account suspicious if

  • it’s OhSymmetrical, meaning that every half of the expansion looks different from the opposite.
  • Its orders are irregular, torn, or blurred.
  • of that CThe color is unusual;
  • of that Diameter is greater than 6 mm, a couple of pencil eraser;
  • he has ERotated, enlarged, or altered in any way.

If you have got a mole (or moles) with any of those characteristics, get a radical skin exam out of your doctor.

Melanoma rates have been rising for at the least three many years. If you have got a high risk of developing melanoma.

  • Red or blonde hair
  • Green or blue eyes
  • Clear Skin
  • A history of excessive sun exposure, especially as a toddler
  • A mother, father, sister, or brother with melanoma.

Characteristics of freckles or moles that increase your risk of melanoma.

  • A recent mole appears after the age of 30.
  • A recent mole at any age whether it is in an area that is never exposed to the sun.
  • Change in existing mole
  • One or more abnormal moles – Moles that appear to be fried eggs, or moles which are darker than others, or have an irregular border or shape.
  • 20 or more moles, each larger than 2 mm
  • Five or more moles, each larger than 5 mm (in regards to the width of a pencil eraser)
  • Freckles as a consequence of sun exposure