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Pfizer: Penicillin stocks will soon be scarce

June 16, 2023 – Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says supplies of Bicillin, an injectable type of penicillin, will soon run out.

In a letter to customers posted on the FDA websitePfizer said Bicillin LA prefilled syringes for youngsters will likely run out by the top of June and Bicillin CR syringes could run out as early because the third quarter of this yr.

Bicillin LA is used for the treatment of sore throats, tonsillitis and other bacterial infections.Bicillin CR is used to treat moderate to severe upper respiratory tract infections reminiscent of scarlet fever and skin infections reminiscent of erysipelas.

The shortage of the antibiotic is on account of increased demand, an increase in syphilis infection rates and competitive shortages, Pfizer said. The company said stocks are expected to recuperate within the second and third quarters of 2024.

The variety of syphilis cases rose in 2021 to its highest level in greater than 70 years. CDC said in a report published last April. From 2020 to 2021, cases increased 32% to 176,713, the CDC said. That's the best total variety of syphilis cases within the U.S. since 1950.

Other drugs are briefly supply within the United States, including children’s medications and ADHD treatments, in keeping with to a report of the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in March.